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Camping in Golden Gate State Park

Our final camping trip for the year in Golden Gate State Park. A fantastic, relaxing weekend with good friends, some playing in the mountains, and generally just doing nothing.

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A quick fall trip through Rocky Mountain National Park

Gregg and I were talking about going down to Montrose/Crested Butte to shoot fall colors, but due to some time constraints on me, we took a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park instead. Fall Colors, Elk rut, and generally beautiful Colorado skys, I left home at 5am to meet Gregg and drive up to get … Continue reading »

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Lake Isabelle wildflower trip

Gregg and I decided to take a quick photo excursion up to Lake Isabelle in the Indian Peaks Wilderness last Sunday to see how the wildflowers were doing. We got some decent shots on the way in to Lake Isabelle, with the high clouds diffusing the light perfectly. Gregg had seen moose (I can’t believe … Continue reading »

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Found some pictures from Sugarloaf in 1977

These three pictures are from the original Sugarloaf Station up above Kyburz, CA. This year, the B1/B2 and G1/G2 tents were TP’d. If you can identify anybody in these pictures, please contact me and I’ll arrange to tag them. NOTE: These are considerably larger than most peoples screens in the hopes that we can identify … Continue reading »

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A quick day trip to Mount Evans

  I took a half-day to go play in the mountains with Pam Price. Took a quick drive through the clouds to the top of Mount Evans, then back down the mountain to dinner at Kachina Southwestern Grill in Westminster. It’s always great getting back together and catching up! There are more pix from the … Continue reading »

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A present from my Mom leads to a lot of flashbacks…

I came home from work this Friday to find a box sitting on my porch. An unexpected shipment from Mom and Dad. Opening it was “interesting” to say the least. I guess they cleaned out the attic of stuff they’ve been saving since I was a wee lad. Finger-paintings from kindergarden. Maps to the Dickens … Continue reading »

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Some pix from the Annual Steamboat Trip

The annual Steamboat trip with the Lowrimores in late fall/early winter this year was over the Thanksgiving day holiday. Five days of fun with friends, just relaxing, playing in the mountains (not on ski slopes). There’s really not much snow up here yet, but we come up here often enough that we know where to … Continue reading »

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An attempt at shooting the Milky Way

Gregg and I have been talking about shooting the Milky Way, and we finally decided to head up to Summit Lake at the base of Mount Evans on a new moon night to try it out. We got up there around 8:30 and stayed until about midnight, when clouds started coming in. I wasn’t very … Continue reading »

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2012 Photo Trip – Day 5 – Monument Valley to Phoenix

Day 5 of our trip begins with shooting sunrise pictures from the balcony of the hotel and the news that a fairly significant winter storm was coming in and planning to dump 4-8 inches of snow in Flagstaff. I did some preliminary scouting and figured we could drive to the east a little, then head … Continue reading »

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2012 Photo Trip – Day 4 – Monument Valley

Day 4 started poorly. Kash wasn’t feeling to good last night, and today wasn’t feeling good at all. We stopped at Safeway for Starbucks coffee, and Gregg picked up some Oscillococcinum (homeopathic cold/flu medicine) and we started our 2 1/2 hour drive to Monument Valley (Tsé Bii Ndzisgaii) . I’d never heard of Oscillococcinum before, but … Continue reading »

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