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Found some pictures from Sugarloaf in 1977

These three pictures are from the original Sugarloaf Station up above Kyburz, CA. This year, the B1/B2 and G1/G2 tents were TP’d. If you can identify anybody in these pictures, please contact me and I’ll arrange to tag them. NOTE: These are considerably larger than most peoples screens in the hopes that we can identify … Continue reading »

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EDHS Flashbacks

Found some old El Dorado High School pictures in the basement the other day. They’re here below the break

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Flashback #2 – Softool Christmas Poems 1991

After scanning the old brochure that Bill “lent me” (via Tom), I went looking on my drives for other “memorabilia”. I found two Christmas Poems from 1988, and one from 1991. These were written on while on Hotline during the silence called Christmas break (we had to man the phones even though they only rang … Continue reading »

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Flashback! Softool Corporation 1988

I was at Tom and Lorin’s last night for dinner, and Tom brought out something that Bill Tuerck has kept around for a LONG time. It was really fun reading the text and seeing people from over 20 years ago! I’ve scanned the whole brochure as a PDF file, which you can read by clicking … Continue reading »

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Grade School Pictures

Grade School Pictures Teacher: Ms. Pickslay  Top Row 1: X, X, X, Shawn Turnboo, Danny Manke, Kevin Carmody Row 2: Stephen Cocks, X, Steve Parker, Jimmy Peitz, X, Jeff Clancy?, X Row 3: X, X, Anna Marie?, Michelle Tombs, Kathryn Callahan, Leslie Perera, X, X, X Written on the back of the picture: John Edison, … Continue reading »

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The Pollock Pines Epic

A while back, my Mom wrote a book called The Pollock Pines Epic that contained the local history about the town I grew up in (and where my parent’s still live today). The first edition of the book was published in 1988, and was followed by revision 2 in 1995. This book has been out … Continue reading »

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Genealogy Updates

It’s been a couple years (literally) since I updated the web version of the Genealogy research that Mom has been doing. Click on the “Genealogy” page on the left, or on this link to see the updates. As always, please let me know if you have any issues with the data that is there. Steve

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UCSB: Francisco Torres in 1980 and 1981

I just got an email yesterday from an old friend named Rob Carrade which prompted me to finally put together something I’ve been wanting to do for a LONG time. For my second year of College at UCSB, I lived in an off-campus dorm called Francisco Torres along with ~60 other people. Something clicked that … Continue reading »

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