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Connecticut, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Booth, Enos R  1810Connecticut, United States I9256
2 CHAPMAN, Juliette  Dec 1841Connecticut, United States I5512
3 CURTISS, Mary  Abt 1719Connecticut, United States I2573
4 FAIRCHILD, Abel  1752/1753Connecticut, United States I2576
5 FAIRCHILD, Anna  12 Oct 1706Connecticut, United States I2446
6 FAIRCHILD, Bettee  19 Jul 1726Connecticut, United States I2458
7 FAIRCHILD, Bille  22 Oct 1738Connecticut, United States I2572
8 FAIRCHILD, David  16 May 1688Connecticut, United States I2410
9 FAIRCHILD, Edward  Abt 1685Connecticut, United States I2398
10 FAIRCHILD, Ephraim  28 Aug 1713Connecticut, United States I2450
11 FAIRCHILD, Hannah  23 Aug 1726Connecticut, United States I2563
12 FAIRCHILD, James  1724Connecticut, United States I2565
13 FAIRCHILD, Jeremiah  27 Dec 1691Connecticut, United States I2425
14 FAIRCHILD, Johannah  2 Feb 1696/1697Connecticut, United States I2430
15 FAIRCHILD, John  19 Jun 1701Connecticut, United States I2433
16 FAIRCHILD, John  6 Mar 1726Connecticut, United States I2566
17 FAIRCHILD, Johnathan  2 Aug 1715Connecticut, United States I2455
18 FAIRCHILD, Joseph  1728Connecticut, United States I2569
19 FAIRCHILD, Joseph  1756Connecticut, United States I2582
20 FAIRCHILD, Katharine  16 Apr 1699Connecticut, United States I2431
21 FAIRCHILD, Mary  1698Connecticut, United States I2416
22 FAIRCHILD, Mary  27 Oct 1708Connecticut, United States I2447
23 FAIRCHILD, Mehetable  29 Mar 1683Connecticut, United States I2407
24 FAIRCHILD, Moses  1 Oct 1721Connecticut, United States I2457
25 FAIRCHILD, Nathan  29 Jan 1692/1693Connecticut, United States I2427
26 FAIRCHILD, Phebe  Dec 1704Connecticut, United States I2434
27 FAIRCHILD, Phebe  1728Connecticut, United States I2562
28 FAIRCHILD, Robert  1681Connecticut, United States I2396
29 FAIRCHILD, Ruth  Abt 1715Connecticut, United States I3168
30 FAIRCHILD, Samuel  1683Connecticut, United States I2397
31 FAIRCHILD, Samuel  3 Feb 1710Connecticut, United States I2449
32 FAIRCHILD, Sarah  1754Connecticut, United States I2580
33 FAIRCHILD, Sarah  1756Connecticut, United States I2581
34 FAIRCHILD, Thomas  4 May 1712Connecticut, United States I2435
35 FAIRCHILD, Thomas  19 Sep 1720Connecticut, United States I2456
36 FAIRCHILD, Timothy  22 Oct 1738Connecticut, United States I2571
37 FAIRCHILD, Zechariah  21 Nov 1701Connecticut, United States I2419
38 MITCHELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1760Connecticut, United States I236
39 PRESTON, Abigail  Abt 1681Connecticut, United States I2532
40 PRESTON, Daniel  7 Oct 1649Connecticut, United States I2525
41 PRESTON, Daniel  15 Aug 1689Connecticut, United States I2535
42 PRESTON, Daniel  Dec 1693Connecticut, United States I2537
43 PRESTON, Deliverance  Abt 1683Connecticut, United States I2533
44 PRESTON, Elizabeth  1655Connecticut, United States I2541
45 PRESTON, Elizabeth  5 Jan 1687Connecticut, United States I2534
46 PRESTON, Hannah  1680Connecticut, United States I2545
47 PRESTON, Jehiel  Oct 1686Connecticut, United States I2548
48 PRESTON, Lydia  Nov 1682Connecticut, United States I2546
49 PRESTON, Mary  Abt 1645Connecticut, United States I2524
50 PRESTON, Mary  1 Sep 1675Connecticut, United States I2529

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Joanna  Sep 1727Connecticut, United States I2432
2 FAIRCHILD, Charles  Mar 1736Connecticut, United States I2445
3 FAIRCHILD, Joseph  Oct 1756Connecticut, United States I2582
4 FAIRCHILD, Josiah  Aug 1732Connecticut, United States I2444
5 FAIRCHILD, Oliver  Jun 1724Connecticut, United States I2438
6 FAIRCHILD, Phebe  11 Sep 1728Connecticut, United States I2562
7 FAIRCHILD, Sarah  Nov 1754Connecticut, United States I2580
8 FAIRCHILD, Sarah  Oct 1756Connecticut, United States I2581
9 FAIRCHILD, Stephen  25 Sep 1726Connecticut, United States I2439
10 PRESTON, Hannah  Aug 1680Connecticut, United States I2545


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CURTISS, Mary  1783Connecticut, United States I2573
2 FAIRCHILD, Anna  9 Feb 1722Connecticut, United States I2446
3 FAIRCHILD, Elizabeth  1745Connecticut, United States I2578
4 FAIRCHILD, Eunice  21 Apr 1721Connecticut, United States I2452
5 FAIRCHILD, James  1801Connecticut, United States I2565
6 FAIRCHILD, Johannah  1723Connecticut, United States I2430
7 FAIRCHILD, Katharine  Aft 1727Connecticut, United States I2431
8 FAIRCHILD, Mehetable  Sep 1684Connecticut, United States I2407
9 FAIRCHILD, Nathan  9 Jan 1730Connecticut, United States I2427
10 FAIRCHILD, Phebe  20 Oct 1728Connecticut, United States I2434
11 FAIRCHILD, Robert  12 Apr 1765Connecticut, United States I2579
12 JACKSON, Abigail  24 Apr 1723Connecticut, United States I2527
13 PRESTON, Daniel  23 Aug 1689Connecticut, United States I2535
14 PRESTON, Daniel  10 Nov 1707Connecticut, United States I2512
15 PRESTON, Daniel  13 Mar 1726Connecticut, United States I2525
16 PRESTON, Daniel  18 Mar 1762Connecticut, United States I2537
17 PRESTON, Emma  Connecticut, United States I240
18 PRESTON, Relief  5 May 1691Connecticut, United States I2536
19 SHERMAN, Elizabeth  1769Connecticut, United States I762
20 SHERMAN, Susanna  2 Apr 1760Connecticut, United States I765
21 WILLCOXSON, Johannah  15 Aug 1713Connecticut, United States I2421


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ADAMS / FAIRCHILD  1729Connecticut, United States F909
2 COREY / FAIRCHILD  Abt 1666Connecticut, United States F878
3 FAIRCHILD /   Abt 1750Connecticut, United States F908
4 FAIRCHILD / BANKS  Aft 1846Connecticut, United States F988
5 FAIRCHILD / BEACH  3 Jan 1705Connecticut, United States F881
6 FAIRCHILD / BENJAMIN  14 Aug 1757Connecticut, United States F915
7 FAIRCHILD / BURWELL  24 Jan 1723Connecticut, United States F882
8 FAIRCHILD / CURTIS  14 Feb 1727/1728Connecticut, United States F901
9 FAIRCHILD / PHIPPENY  26 Dec 1723Connecticut, United States F904
10 FAIRCHILD / ST. JOHN  22 Apr 1724Connecticut, United States F900
11 FAIRCHILD / WELLS  Apr 1753Connecticut, United States F914
12 FAWER / PRESTON  28 May 1662Connecticut, United States F931
13 PRESTON /   Abt 1644Connecticut, United States F924
14 PRESTON / JACKSON  Dec 1673Connecticut, United States F932
15 ROSSITER / SHERMAN  1670Connecticut, United States F427
16 SEARLES / FAIRCHILD  Dec 1706Connecticut, United States F887
17 TAYLOR / BENEDICT  1706Connecticut, United States F153
18 TROWBRIDGE / SHERWOOD  1708Connecticut, United States F1000
19 WILDMAN / FAIRCHILD  Apr 1716Connecticut, United States F902