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Braintree, Essex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLLIS, Abigil  1738Braintree, Essex, England I1884
2 COLLIS, Arter  24 Mar 1673Braintree, Essex, England I3414
3 COLLIS, Arthur  1708Braintree, Essex, England I3836
4 COLLIS, Charles Smith  12 Jul 1795Braintree, Essex, England I365
5 COLLIS, Christopher  1721Braintree, Essex, England I1869
6 COLLIS, Christopher Annett  7 May 1800Braintree, Essex, England I209
7 COLLIS, Dorcus  9 Aug 1803Braintree, Essex, England I367
8 COLLIS, Dorcus Annett  11 Apr 1794Braintree, Essex, England I364
9 COLLIS, Elizabeth  4 Jan 1665Braintree, Essex, England I3412
10 COLLIS, Elizabeth  1689Braintree, Essex, England I1878
11 COLLIS, Elizabeth  31 Oct 1718Braintree, Essex, England I1852
12 COLLIS, Elizabeth  30 Aug 1723Braintree, Essex, England I1849
13 COLLIS, Emma  1822Braintree, Essex, England I1829
14 COLLIS, Emma  Abt 1823Braintree, Essex, England I10004
15 COLLIS, Hannah  1734Braintree, Essex, England I3814
16 COLLIS, James  1701Braintree, Essex, England I1888
17 COLLIS, James  1729Braintree, Essex, England I3728
18 COLLIS, James  1753Braintree, Essex, England I3731
19 COLLIS, James  1782Braintree, Essex, England I3733
20 COLLIS, John  Abt 1664Braintree, Essex, England I1864
21 COLLIS, John  1691Braintree, Essex, England I1737
22 COLLIS, John  28 Feb 1718Braintree, Essex, England I1853
23 COLLIS, John  14 Jul 1727Braintree, Essex, England I1733
24 COLLIS, Mary  3 Oct 1667Braintree, Essex, England I3413
25 COLLIS, Mary  1693Braintree, Essex, England I1879
26 COLLIS, Mary  1698Braintree, Essex, England I3835
27 COLLIS, Mary Ann Hamilton  1822Braintree, Essex, England I1828
28 COLLIS, Nathaniel  1737Braintree, Essex, England I3815
29 COLLIS, Rebecca Ely  1814Braintree, Essex, England I864
30 COLLIS, Robert  Abt 1675Braintree, Essex, England I3832
31 COLLIS, Robert  1696Braintree, Essex, England I1880
32 COLLIS, Samuel  3 Jul 1790Braintree, Essex, England I363
33 COLLIS, Samuel Sherlock  1817Braintree, Essex, England I1827
34 COLLIS, Sarah  1696Braintree, Essex, England I3834
35 COLLIS, Sarah  1713Braintree, Essex, England I3837
36 COLLIS, Sarah  13 Nov 1715Braintree, Essex, England I1851
37 COLLIS, Sarah  27 Feb 1778Braintree, Essex, England I3827
38 COLLIS, Susannah  1739Braintree, Essex, England I3816
39 COLLIS, Thomas  1704Braintree, Essex, England I3812
40 COLLIS, Thomas  21 Feb 1719Braintree, Essex, England I1854
41 COLLIS, Thomas  1787Braintree, Essex, England I3784
42 COLLIS, William  1698Braintree, Essex, England I1885
43 COLLIS, William  11 Aug 1721Braintree, Essex, England I1855
44 COLLIS, William  17 Jun 1797Braintree, Essex, England I366
45 JOHNSON, William  20 Nov 1768Braintree, Essex, England I1825
46 Rankin or Rampkin, Thomas  Abt 1739Braintree, Essex, England I10013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 COLLIS, Abigil  11 Jun 1738Braintree, Essex, England I1884
2 COLLIS, Arthur  31 Oct 1708Braintree, Essex, England I3836
3 COLLIS, Charles Smith  8 Sep 1795Braintree, Essex, England I365
4 COLLIS, Christopher  26 Dec 1721Braintree, Essex, England I1869
5 COLLIS, Christopher Annett  24 Jul 1801Braintree, Essex, England I209
6 COLLIS, Dorcus  16 Sep 1803Braintree, Essex, England I367
7 COLLIS, Dorcus Annett  30 May 1794Braintree, Essex, England I364
8 COLLIS, Hannah  9 Nov 1734Braintree, Essex, England I3814
9 COLLIS, James  18 Sep 1701Braintree, Essex, England I1888
10 COLLIS, James  24 Sep 1729Braintree, Essex, England I3728
11 COLLIS, James  25 Feb 1753Braintree, Essex, England I3731
12 COLLIS, James  20 Mar 1782Braintree, Essex, England I3733
13 COLLIS, John  14 Jul 1664Braintree, Essex, England I1864
14 COLLIS, John  17 Feb 1754Braintree, Essex, England I1873
15 COLLIS, Ley Hastings  17 Apr 1836Braintree, Essex, England I9797
16 COLLIS, Mary Ann Hamilton  1 Jan 1823Braintree, Essex, England I1828
17 COLLIS, Nathaniel  18 Jan 1737Braintree, Essex, England I3815
18 COLLIS, Rebecca Ely  8 Oct 1814Braintree, Essex, England I864
19 COLLIS, Robert  13 Apr 1764Braintree, Essex, England I1877
20 COLLIS, Samuel  17 Aug 1790Braintree, Essex, England I363
21 COLLIS, Samuel Sherlock  2 Jan 1818Braintree, Essex, England I1827
22 COLLIS, Sarah  28 Jun 1713Braintree, Essex, England I3837
23 COLLIS, Sarah  13 Nov 1715Braintree, Essex, England I1851
24 COLLIS, Sarah  14 Aug 1778Braintree, Essex, England I3827
25 COLLIS, Thomas  20 Jul 1787Braintree, Essex, England I3784
26 COLLIS, William  24 Jul 1801Braintree, Essex, England I366
27 Rankin or Rampkin, Thomas  15 Jun 1740Braintree, Essex, England I10013


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Mildred  1718Braintree, Essex, England I1867
2 Chappell, Henry William  Mar 1892Braintree, Essex, England I9742
3 COLLIS, James  1827Braintree, Essex, England I3731
4 COLLIS, Jane  Dec 1895Braintree, Essex, England I301
5 COLLIS, John  1716Braintree, Essex, England I1866
6 COLLIS, John  1724Braintree, Essex, England I1853
7 COLLIS, John  1725Braintree, Essex, England I1864
8 COLLIS, John  1832Braintree, Essex, England I3803
9 COLLIS, John  1833Braintree, Essex, England I1873
10 COLLIS, Nathaniel  1823Braintree, Essex, England I3824
11 COLLIS, Robert  1838Braintree, Essex, England I1877
12 COLLIS, Samuel  1832Braintree, Essex, England I361
13 COLLIS, Susan  1846Braintree, Essex, England I3604
14 COLLIS, Susannah  4 Oct 1826Braintree, Essex, England I3816
15 JOHNSON, William  1826Braintree, Essex, England I1825
16 Rankin or Rampkin, Thomas  Oct 1809Braintree, Essex, England I10013
17 WATSON, Elizabeth  1711Braintree, Essex, England I1865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COLLIS, Samuel  27 Jan 1832Braintree, Essex, England I361
2 COLLIS, Susannah  1826Braintree, Essex, England I3816


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COLLIS / BRIDGE  23 Nov 1820Braintree, Essex, England F242
2 COLLIS / CANNON  3 Mar 1767Braintree, Essex, England F1272
3 COLLIS / CLARK  2 Jan 1733/1734Braintree, Essex, England F1270
4 COLLIS / CLARK  20 Oct 1749Braintree, Essex, England F1250
5 COLLIS / CROZIER  27 Nov 1725Braintree, Essex, England F743
6 COLLIS / HAMILTON  2 Oct 1800Braintree, Essex, England F241
7 COLLIS / SHUCKBOROUGH  1733Braintree, Essex, England F742
8 COLLIS / TWITCHET  20 Jul 1749Braintree, Essex, England F740
9 COLLIS / VALES  5 Jun 1718Braintree, Essex, England F741
10 COLLIS / WATSON  Abt 1688Braintree, Essex, England F684
11 LINZELL / COLLIS  11 May 1804Braintree, Essex, England F1276
12 Oxley / Chappell  Sep 1885Braintree, Essex, England F3446
13 SHAIT / COLLIS  1828Braintree, Essex, England F461
14 Wells / Chappell  May 1894Braintree, Essex, England F3444