Michigan, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Althia  Apr 1855Michigan, United States I9399
2 Elen  Abt 1848Michigan, United States I7681
3 Florence  Aug 1882Michigan, United States I9406
4 Jane  1854Michigan, United States I9428
5 Rachel  Nov 1865Michigan, United States I9437
6 BAIN, Gordon  Abt 1906Michigan, United States I8704
7 BAIN, Medora  Abt 1908Michigan, United States I8705
8 Booth, Jennie M  Sep 1854Michigan, United States I9177
9 Booth, Nellie  Sep 1873Michigan, United States I8362
10 CRAWFORD, Ann  Feb 1848Michigan, United States I9418
11 CRAWFORD, Francis  11 Oct 1861Michigan, United States I9356
12 CRAWFORD, John  May 1854Michigan, United States I9419
13 CRAWFORD, Malvina  Abt 1849Michigan, United States I9422
14 CUMMINGS, Janet  Mar 1896Michigan, United States I9438
15 Dalby, Grace  Abt 1885Michigan, United States I9277
16 DOUGHERTY, Ada  Jul 1889Michigan, United States I9191
17 DOUGHERTY, Charles Lewis  23 Apr 1884Michigan, United States I8224
18 DOUGHERTY, Florence  22 Aug 1870Michigan, United States I9165
19 DOUGHERTY, Hazel Blanche  31 Jul 1902Michigan, United States I8281
20 DOUGHERTY, Mary A  Abt 1868Michigan, United States I9113
21 DOUGHERTY, Ralph Leslie  5 Jun 1904Michigan, United States I8282
22 DOUGHERTY, William H  Dec 1890Michigan, United States I9174
23 FISHER, Grace Gertrude Elizabeth  Abt 1926Michigan, United States I9068
24 FLETCHER, Effie Berniece  10 Sep 1901Michigan, United States I462
25 Ford, Frederick M  Jul 1886Michigan, United States I9178
26 Ford, Maud M  Feb 1898Michigan, United States I9181
27 FRANtZ, Lewis  Sep 1894Michigan, United States I8254
28 Gifford, D Gordon  Sep 1891Michigan, United States I10218
29 Gifford, Fred J  Sep 1883Michigan, United States I10217
30 Gifford, Gertrude  Abt 1876Michigan, United States I10216
31 Gifford, Truman A  1869Michigan, United States I10215
32 GILCHRIST, Andrew  1849Michigan, United States I2005
33 Greer, Frances  Abt 1860Michigan, United States I9434
34 Greer, James H  Apr 1835Michigan, United States I9433
35 GRIMES, Grover Cleveland  Jun 1884Michigan, United States I485
36 HEDICAN, Elsie  1866Michigan, United States I9425
37 HEDICAN, Lemuel Amos  19 Jul 1879Michigan, United States I9354
38 HENRY, Mary  21 Feb 1857Michigan, United States I5616
39 HORTON, Leona Eva  Abt 1900Michigan, United States I8167
40 HOUSE, Hester Ann  May 1843Michigan, United States I1996
41 KERRE, Ellen  Abt 1899Michigan, United States I8164
42 MARTIN, Catherine  Abt 1900Michigan, United States I8257
43 MARTIN, Joseph C  Abt 1860Michigan, United States I9627
44 NORTON, Arthur  Abt 1878Michigan, United States I9429
45 NORTON, Charles W  Abt 1864Michigan, United States I9430
46 NORTON, George  Aug 1879Michigan, United States I9432
47 NORTON, Henry H  Apr 1870Michigan, United States I9427
48 NORTON, Milton  Apr 1850Michigan, United States I9426
49 PARKER, Charles  Abt 1860Michigan, United States I8356
50 PEARSON  Abt 1908Michigan, United States I10211

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1851Michigan, United States I8374
2 CUMMINGS, Catherine A.  Aft 1910Michigan, United States I2013
3 DOUGHERTY, Caroline  11 Mar 1876Michigan, United States I8210
4 DOUGHERTY, Solomon  24 Mar 1933Michigan, United States I8214
5 Greer, James H  Abt 1905Michigan, United States I9433
6 HEDICAN, Lemuel Amos  1959Michigan, United States I9354
7 JONES, Silas  1860Michigan, United States I100
8 Kersten, Harry  Abt 1960Michigan, United States I2086
9 Kriegbaum, George  Aft 1880Michigan, United States I9111
10 M, Alice  Aft 1900Michigan, United States I66
11 PEARSON, Alfred B  9 Apr 1888Michigan, United States I49
12 PEARSON, Justus R  Aft 1930Michigan, United States I10209
13 RATHBUN, Ernest  Bef 1930Michigan, United States I8162
14 Rosekrans, Ann Maria  1 Jul 1854Michigan, United States I9040
15 SHERMAN, Henry Clayton  1929Michigan, United States I328
16 SLY, Chester  Aft 1920Michigan, United States I9365
17 SLY, Orville S.  Michigan, United States I2161
18 Steiner, Ella Katherine  1963Michigan, United States I9442
19 Stevens, Birdsell E  Mar 1949Michigan, United States I8359
20 Stevens, Burtis  Aft 1880 Bef 1930Michigan, United States I8358


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAIN / SHERMAN  28 Oct 1901Michigan, United States F219
2 BARTLETT / SLY  1892Michigan, United States F59
3 Chambers / SHERMAN  Michigan, United States F3092
4 Clew / Greer  Abt 1897Michigan, United States F3347
5 CUMMINGS /   1895Michigan, United States F3349
6 DOUGHERTY / TIFFANY  Abt 1900Michigan, United States F2931
7 FRANtZ / J  1924Michigan, United States F2028
8 FRANtZ / MARTIN  Abt 1920Michigan, United States F2941
9 LORANGER /   Abt 1849Michigan, United States F2987
10 NORTON / M  Abt 1901Michigan, United States F3345
11 PEARSON / Day  1906Michigan, United States F3583
12 Richarson / Ford  Abt 1919Michigan, United States F3276
13 SHERMAN / JUCKETT  20 May 1939Michigan, United States F305
14 SHERMAN / KERRE  8 Aug 1916Michigan, United States F220
15 SHERMAN / SHOEFELT.  13 Jul 1916Michigan, United States F223
16 SLIKER / SLY  Abt 1833Michigan, United States F33
17 SLY /   Abt 1898Michigan, United States F3340
18 SLY / FULLER  Abt 1838Michigan, United States F36
19 Thomson / SHERMAN  Abt 1905Michigan, United States F3314