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Ohio, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barbera  Apr 1882Ohio, United States I8399
2 Mary  Abt 1833Ohio, United States I8397
3 Abbott, Frances  Abt 1877Ohio, United States I9216
4 BARFIELD or Barfell, Samantha  Abt 1857Ohio, United States I8169
5 BROWN, Mary C.  1848Ohio, United States I5494
6 BROWSE, Eliza  Abt 1810Ohio, United States I7497
7 BUCK, Rachel Ellen  Ohio, United States I143
8 CLOSE, James  1826/1827Ohio, United States I199
9 CROUCHER, Elizabeth Ann  5 Aug 1850Ohio, United States I6670
10 DARWACHETER, Clemmie  Abt 1872Ohio, United States I8745
11 DARWACHETER, Dora  Abt 1879Ohio, United States I8748
12 DARWACHETER, Ella  Abt 1872Ohio, United States I8746
13 DARWACHETER, Gilbert  Abt 1834Ohio, United States I8741
14 DARWACHETER, Harvey  Abt 1869Ohio, United States I8744
15 DARWACHETER, Hattie  Abt 1874Ohio, United States I8747
16 DARWACHETER, Margaret A  Aug 1862Ohio, United States I663
17 DARWACHETER, William  Abt 1865Ohio, United States I8743
18 DOUGHERTY, Elizabeth  Abt 1845Ohio, United States I667
19 DOUGHERTY, Henry  1824Ohio, United States I8239
20 DOUGHERTY, Hiram  Abt 1833Ohio, United States I665
21 DOUGHERTY, Margaret  Abt 1834Ohio, United States I664
22 DOUGHERTY, Nancy Ann  1836Ohio, United States I200
23 DOUGHERTY, Samuel  Abt 1845Ohio, United States I668
24 DOUGHERTY, Solomon  Oct 1850Ohio, United States I8214
25 DOUGHERTY, William  7 Sep 1808Ohio, United States I201
26 Dublin, Joseph W  Abt 1885Ohio, United States I9146
27 FRANCE, Abraham  Abt Jul 1850Ohio, United States I9462
28 France, Daniel  Abt 1841Ohio, United States I9461
29 FRANCE, Smith  Abt 1846Ohio, United States I9463
30 FRANCE, William Henry  Abt 1842Ohio, United States I8215
31 HEADLEY, James P  Ohio, United States I6238
32 Holler, Margaret M  Oct 1859Ohio, United States I9139
33 Howell, John G  May 1808Ohio, United States I9581
34 Hutchison, William T  Abt 1852Ohio, United States I9125
35 J, Emma  1855Ohio, United States I9628
36 Kemmerer, Dorothy Jane  Mar 1864Ohio, United States I9114
37 Kriegbaum, George  Abt 1820Ohio, United States I9111
38 LANGLEY, Henry C.  Aug 1844Ohio, United States I2082
39 M, Alice  1886Ohio, United States I9233
40 NURSE, Alice  9 Oct 1844Ohio, United States I6955
41 NURSE, Elizabeth  Abt 1841Ohio, United States I7498
42 NURSE, Gales  Abt 1842Ohio, United States I7510
43 NURSE, George  1842Ohio, United States I4759
44 NURSE, Jerome A.  Abt 1865Ohio, United States I7520
45 NURSE, Louisa Julia  Abt 1838Ohio, United States I4761
46 NURSE, Lucy  Abt 1829Ohio, United States I7503
47 NURSE, Lyman P  Abt 1834Ohio, United States I7502
48 NURSE, Mack Clay  Mar 1851Ohio, United States I5527
49 NURSE, S. Eldridge  Abt 1838Ohio, United States I7501
50 NURSE, Samuel R.  1831Ohio, United States I4756

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Barbera  Aft 1910Ohio, United States I8399
2 Mary  Aft 1910Ohio, United States I8397
3 DILLON, Mary  8 Mar 1828Ohio, United States I6477
4 Parker, Nathan  Aft 1910Ohio, United States I8396
5 Parker, William J  Aft 1910Ohio, United States I8398
6 Shivers, Thomas  Aft 1850Ohio, United States I8614
7 SLY, Joshua  17 Jul 1848Ohio, United States I194
8 SLY, Joshua F  13 Aug 1864Ohio, United States I123


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DARWACHETER / Jones  Abt 1860Ohio, United States F3110
2 Dublin / PARKER  Abt 1912Ohio, United States F3271
3 MOXLEY / VANCE  9 Mar 1873Ohio, United States F2786
4 Parker /   Ohio, United States F2994
5 Parker /   Abt 1899Ohio, United States F2995
6 PARKER / Holler  Abt 1880Ohio, United States F3270
7 SHERMAN / NELSON  28 Oct 1822Ohio, United States F148