Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cinthia  1874Ontario, Canada I11518
2 Brown, Amey  1867Ontario, Canada I11615
3 Cooley, Isaiah  9 Oct 1843Ontario, Canada I9416
4 Dennis, Lydia  1802Ontario, Canada I11271
5 FICK, Albert  1876Ontario, Canada I10472
6 FICK, Catharine  Abt 1835Ontario, Canada I10370
7 FICK, Elizabeth  1835Ontario, Canada I10480
8 FICK, George L  Abt 1850Ontario, Canada I10378
9 FICK, Harvey  Abt 1857Ontario, Canada I10381
10 FICK, James  1868Ontario, Canada I10468
11 FICK, James  1884Ontario, Canada I10463
12 FICK, Jane E  Abt 1832Ontario, Canada I10369
13 FICK, John  1874Ontario, Canada I10478
14 FICK, John A  1837Ontario, Canada I10481
15 FICK, John W  5 Dec 1842Ontario, Canada I10372
16 FICK, Lawson  1853Ontario, Canada I10483
17 FICK, Lizzie W  1873Ontario, Canada I10489
18 FICK, Lundie  17 Feb 1893Ontario, Canada  I10542
19 FICK, Matilia M  1864Ontario, Canada I10487
20 FICK, Minnie V  1865Ontario, Canada I10486
21 FICK, Nancy Maria  Abt 1852Ontario, Canada I10379
22 FICK, Stephen  Apr 1852Ontario, Canada I10375
23 FICK, Wilaby M  1858Ontario, Canada I10484
24 FICK, William E  1885Ontario, Canada I10419
25 FICK, Willmont A  1861Ontario, Canada I10485
26 June, Willard Wooster  1869Ontario, Canada I10006
27 Knisley, Elizabeth Ann  1 Jan 1849Ontario, Canada I9417
28 MERCIER, Arthur J  16 Oct 1885Ontario, Canada I8729
29 MERCIER, Charles Augustus  14 Apr 1851Ontario, Canada I519
30 MERCIER, Charles R  24 Oct 1891Ontario, Canada I8731
31 MERCIER, Walter A  30 Dec 1880Ontario, Canada I8727
32 Miller, Alma  1867Ontario, Canada I11488
33 Miller, George Washington  1845Ontario, Canada I11349
34 Miller, Jacob  Jun 1838Ontario, Canada I11342
35 Miller, John M  1871Ontario, Canada I11490
36 Miller, Loberta  1865Ontario, Canada I11487
37 Miller, Mable  1876Ontario, Canada I11491
38 Miller, Maud Myrtle  1878Ontario, Canada I11351
39 Miller, Myrtle  1900Ontario, Canada I11627
40 Miller, Samuel  1869Ontario, Canada I11489
41 Miller, Walter  1892Ontario, Canada I11625
42 Nellis Tarowe, Catherine  13 Aug 1809Ontario, Canada I11311
43 Slaght, Elmira Slack or  15 Jul 1818Ontario, Canada I11275
44 Smith, Mary Ann  6 Dec 1851Ontario, Canada I9597
45 STEWART, Mary  10 Jul 1822Ontario, Canada I339


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Miller, Albert Edward  30 Sep 1935Ontario, Canada I11611
2 Miller, Anna  8 Mar 1896Ontario, Canada I11260
3 Miller, Maud Myrtle  1965Ontario, Canada I11351
4 Miller, Timothy  16 Jan 1928Ontario, Canada I11622
5 Otis, Anna  19 Nov 1853Ontario, Canada I10662
6 Pettit, Oscar Joel  1949Ontario, Canada I11352
7 Schneider, Elizabeth  12 Apr 1845Ontario, Canada  I10306
8 Smith, Frances Lamanda  Bef 1881Ontario, Canada  I10359
9 Teigert or Dygert, Anna Catharine  25 Nov 1830Ontario, Canada I11255
10 VanSickle, Abraham I  25 Apr 1878Ontario, Canada I11273
11 Will, Amy Ann  13 Jul 1889Ontario, Canada I10794
12 Williams, Katherine  1833Ontario, Canada I10793


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FICK / Smith  Abt 1826Ontario, Canada  F3635
2 Miller / Armstrong  1863Ontario, Canada F3986
3 Miller / Dickhaut  Abt 1799Ontario, Canada F3947