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NOTE - February, 2005: This site is static. I haven't had time to update it for quite some time, but enough people refer to these reports that I don't want to bring it down. So... It's going to stay up as a static site while I decide what to do....

This site contains over a thousand Rocky Mountain area trip reports either linked to or gathered from a variety of sources. It contains mainly trip reports from Colorado 14'ers (14,000 foot peaks), but I've been adding quite a few peaks from lower elevations as well as wilderness area and lake reports. Click on the any item in the index on the left to begin.

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When you see the icon next to a trip report, that indicates that someone told me this site is having problems or generally inaccessable. Please let me know if I need to make corrections.

If you've seen others I should link to, or want me to store one for you, send a note to "CRMTR at ParkerPress dot com" and I'll get to it as quickly as possible. Reports posted to newsgroups have been stored locally unless I can find them on the authors website (or other collection sites). The parent sites are indicated by italics. If I have a report up here that you own and want me to remove, please let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

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